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Steve and Kristi Nebel

March 14, 2014: "What great songs last night from Steve and Kristi Nebel, what a smashing couple." - Kirkcaldy Acoustic Music Club, Kirkcaldy, Scotland - March 14, 2014

Bob Sherman, producer of the popular and award-winning radio series "Woody's Children" from New York, named the Nebel's album "Raven Speaks" among his Best of 2010 Staff Picks for WFUV Radio.

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“Steve & Kristi Nebel are a powerhouse duo . . . [who]let us feel the drive that makes us keep on keepin’ on” - Barbara Seitz (proprietor of Pot Belly Deli a venue S&K play)

Steve & Kristi Nebel produce their own recordings and offer them for sale from their label, Icebird Record Co. They have just released their tenth album, “Tandem”. They are founding members of Filucy Hootchie Kootchie Band, and The Madrones who performed material written by Steve Nebel and their bandmates. As a duo, their focus is on performing songs that they have written themselves. They play with “Cowgirl’s Dream”, in support of Kristi’s solo album, “Detour” The Nebel’s currently reside in Tacoma, WA where they purchased a 100 + year old house. They have lived in Anchorage, AK, and Longbranch, WA (rural Pierce County). They lived in Longbranch from 1988 to 1997.

"No one exemplifies the socially aware musician better than Steve and Kristi Nebel. Steve and Kristi do a truly wonderful job of combining searing social concern about war and peace with a delightful spirit of love and happiness. Kristi . . . sings with a hauntingly beautiful voice which is at once ethereal and earthy." Geoff Bard, Victory Review

What do they sound like?

In 2011 Steve and Kristi recorded a CD in their home studio which was just them singing together with their instruments. You can listen to that by clicking on the picture below:

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    What about their recordings?

    Now take a look at our website and find out where to see Steve & Kristi perform and where to buy their recordings.

    All Steve and Kristi CDS

    PS: You can also find their latest CD “Tandem” at: Tandem


    Birds of Winter

    Bohemian Outback

    Big Red Smile

    Raven Speaks

    Download their catalog of all of their recordings



    Comments From Home and Abroad

    "This was a joint presentation of love, peace and freedom with nature, in their own music encapsulated in the title of their latest CD offering ‘Bohemian Outback’. Steve's thoughtful guitar and flowing, lyrical style, matched by crystal clear vocalizing and gentle electric bass playing from Kristi prove a compelling musical vehicle for transporting the listener along with them on their journey from Tacoma, Washington State.

    “Beautiful stuff ! But somehow it's also something more. I was reminded of Paxton's exuberance, and songs reflecting so vividly the country he comes from; the heartfelt concerns and perceptions of nature in ‘The Crow’, and a sense of how humanity "treats" itself, and it's privileged lease holding on this planet in ‘Harbor Island’ . There was Paxtonesque fun-poking in ‘Superman's Dilemma’, and Steve`s perceptive ‘Lillian`s World’ was for me his strongest writing. Kristi's wonderful voice was most powerfully in evidence in ‘On Fishermen’, written along with Steve."

    Bob Benbow, retired lorry driver, and co-organizer Acoustic Music Club, Leicester, UK

    “. . . there's something in each of you that has the ability to connect beyond the words and music. You are a gift...that I am so grateful to receive.” Linda Frank

    “. . . Good work, the music the lyrics and poetry. By making your music - it's melody rhythms words more - you help, in my humble opinion, to make the world a little bit better place. Thank you – for that - and for being the people you are. Bless your hearts, and best wishes. Ahoj ! Roy [Douglas]”

    About ‘Bohemian Outback’: "I think it's the best thing you've ever put out . . . [Go Out To]Alberta is so good I wanna do it myself. The writing is sharp as a Gillette Twinedge." - Thaddeus Spae